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Common bridal lace fabrics classification

Xiamen Yazijin Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 11, 2016

1, wedding dress fabrics classification-- chiffon
Photos of individual character vogue, the recent popularity of have ruffled dress with chiffon ruffled more.There are two kinds, one is chemical fiber, another is made of pure silk.The effect of the latter, of course, simple sense is good.Prices are much expensive above the latter.Generally this kind of yarn do adornment more, I suggest you choose pure silk.

2,  wedding dress fabrics classification--taffeta
Photos of individual character vogue, taffeta dress is very good, pure silk, thick and elegant.There is silk satin wedding dress is very good.What a pity that our ancestors invented. We now need to old words of imported from abroad.Also called Italian yarn, satin, France.

3.Bridal lace fabric --lace 
Everyone knows French lace is good.I watch down imported lace pattern is not symmetrical, homebred is symmetric.And good lace is very soft, and satin fit very well.Even if the embroidered falling under the bead piece also won't forget.A good marriage gauze all fabrics are made of the best, of course, but from the economical Angle, it is not necessary., which is mainly composed of yarn surface such as a wedding dress, there is no need to choose silk satin, with bony thick satin is ok, but the cap in the yarn surface will have to choose good outside.If the lace is a kind of ornament, also do not need to use good lace.

4.Marriage gauze fabrics category-- flexible pipe yarn
General satin outside all or a large number of dense embroidery, will cover the flexible pipe yarn.Directly on the flexible pipe embroidered.