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french lace fabric

Xiamen Yazijin Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 01, 2016

Bud silk fabrics can be divided into with and without elastic lace fabrics, elastic lace fabrics are collectively referred to as lace fabrics.
With elastic lace fabric composition is: spandex 10% + 90% nylon.
Without elastic lace fabric composition for: 100% nylon.This fabric can be dyed a single color
100% polyester.This fabric can be dyed a single color.
85% cotton +15% nylon.This fabric can be dyed a single color

Due to material quality of a material is frivolous transparent lace fabrics, with elegant and mysterious art effect, is widely applied in women's underclothes.

The primary USES of lace fabric has the following several categories
1, spring autumn outfit:main composition is  nylon, cotton, polyester fiber, combined with the thickness of fabrics such as spandex, etc
2, summer: main composition is nylon or polyester thin fabric, etc
3, winter: main composition is nylon, cotton, polyester fiber , and thick fabric with spandex, etc
4, underwear: nylon and high elastic fabrics, is indispensable to lingerie selection