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How to choose a perfect lace fabric

Xiamen Yazijin Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 22, 2016

In the past, laces were classified by methods of knitting and regions: needlepoint laces like Chantilly and Alencon, bobbin laces like Venetian and Brussels. Nowadays, modern laces are more diverse than before. Sometimes it is difficult to tell what type of lace it is. 

Even though we still use those lace names from the 16th century to describe French laces, sometimes people mean different products under the same name. In order to avoid any confusion, we describe our catagories here.

Lots of different fibers and types of fabric composition are applied in laces. It can be a natural yarn: cotton, wool, silk, linen; semi-synthetic: Rayon (Viscose) or synthetic: nylon (polyamide), polyester. 

Cotton- C

Nylon(Polyamide)- N

Rayon- R


Different fabric compositions take dyeing differently, so the same color can be quite different on different textiles.

How to get a perfect color?

1. Guide by Panstone color. We match all laces with Pantone Uncoated colors. 

2. Send us a sample. 

At our end, Lab dips are supplied for customer confirmation before production!