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How to Choose High-Quality Chemical Lace?

Xiamen Yazijin Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 16, 2016

Nowadays, many fashionable women like to do some DIY handmade articles in their spare time, such as tissue boxes, pen container cover, pillow cover, decorations and so on. The pattern of chemical lace is variety, with delicate and beautiful embroidery, vivid, sense of art and three-dimensional. It is very suitable as materials of DIY handmade articles. In addition, adding a chemical lace can makes DIY finished articles be full of romantic sense. Although it is just an ornament, if purchased inferior chemical lace, it will not only affect the appearance, but also can affect health.

Mrs. Su from Fujian,  recently bought a blue polyester embroidery chemical lace as the cover of pillow to increase beauty. The one-year-old daughter of Mrs. Su, Wenwen,  like to play this pillow very much. There are many small red spots appeared on her body very soon. After examination by hospital, it revealed skin allergies,   while the culprit is the chemical residues on that blue polyester embroidery chemical lace.

So how should we choose high-quality chemical lace?

1.  Smell

If chemical lace exudes a strong pungent odor, and it is still not eliminated after sun-cure for several days, then the lace may be added a large number of chemical substances during processing. The smell might cause some damage to the respiratory system .

2.  Look 

Pull a little yarn of lace, torn it. If it is easy to tear and the fibers appear to with impurities, then this chemical lace may be made by recycled materials. It is more easily lead to skin allergies. 

3. Wash

After get the chemical lace, do use it to do DIY articles immediately, wash it first. If it fade and deform seriously, that is a poor quality lace, it is not suitable as DIY material.

DIY household products can not only cultivate character but also beautify the home environment, but it must be careful when selecting the raw materials, to avoid unnecessary damage. 

Where to choose a high-quality chemical lace?

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