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How to choose high-quality composite lace fabric?

Xiamen Yazijin Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 08, 2016

How to choose high-quality composite lace fabric?

Composite lace fabric is a high quality lace fabric, since the composite lace fabric market has been a lot of consumers, the following clothing network Xiaobian to tell you how to choose high-quality composite lace fabric.

Composite lace fabric composition is usually made of silk, cotton and chemical fiber blended, the higher the content of silk lace fabric the more valuable, because the luster of the most comfortable and natural; as lace is a mesh organization, so often thin, breathable. This is the most vulnerable of a fabric, to waterproof, anti-static, anti-aging, anti-alkaline corrosion. Whether hand-woven or machine-woven lace weaving, have a certain degree of dispersion, so the seam should be left on clothing at least 1 cm margin.

In the choice of composite lace fabric, clothing should be depending on the purpose. If the lace dress worn indoors, should be selected ingredients silk or cotton lace, wearing will be more comfortable; if in daily life work wear, should consider its durability and economy, lace easy hook line is also easy to off-line, so You can choose fiber blended lace fabric to increase its fastness and durability; if the occasion of the party wearing lace clothing, you can choose the high content of silk clothing, so the appearance of gloss and quality will be relatively high.

Usually lace fabric patterns are composed of numerous large and small mesh composed of, so a sense of good lace permeability, pure lace fabric clothing can not only play the role of blocking the human body, but also greatly reduces the Clothing, fastness, so the daily use of large areas of clothing on the lace fabric which can add a layer of lining, and in the body parts, such as sleeves, back, etc. you can use a single lace fabric, so that through the lace can be vaguely Showing the beauty of the human body. Lace fabric and ordinary woven knitted fabric is also different from the edge of the treatment, the lace fabric itself in the weaving process formed by the natural lace used in the clothing hem, neckline, cuffs, etc., rather than as woven fabrics that need Through the edge of the lock or edge to prevent its detachment, and the natural lace of the shape in the visual can also add a lot of clothing. Lace of this particularity, but also for hundreds of years been used for clothing local decoration. Composite lace color choice in the clothing network survey of the recent sample survey of the spring and summer of 2015, 100 lace clothing color distribution of the tendency. The most common lace color is black and white, as well as brown, dark blue and other dark or off-white and other pure and low-key color, white lace gives a sense of purity, black lace gives a sense of mystery, brown and white Give people a sense of art. Therefore, in the design of daily lace clothing, should be as little as possible with fruit green, orange, pink and other bright colors. Bright colors of lace fabric style compared to plain lace fabric is more exaggerated, dramatic, suitable for show, stage or fashion photography performance.