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How to clean sexy lace underwear

Xiamen Yazijin Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 18, 2016

Sexy lace underwear is different from our daily clothing, it can not be washed as follows:  thrown into the washing machine after take off! It sexy lace underwear cleaning method is not correct, it will make it deformed! So, how to clean the sexy lace underwear correctly?

Step 1: soak the lace underwear by 30 ℃ -40 ℃ warm water

Step 2:  pour the less irritating detergent on the underwear, such as shower gel

Step 3: use the shoulder girdle near the button to rub underwear cup, scrub with warm water gently then rinse

Step 4: wrapped with a dry towel or hand squeeze the underwear cup to absorb the moisture underwear of the underwear

Step 5: after dry the moisture of the underwear, the underwear can be flattened to the status quo! That is all.

Where to choose suitable lace for sexy underwear, welcome to Xiamen Yazijin Textile.

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