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How to maintain the wedding dress?

Xiamen Yazijin Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 13, 2016

How to maintain the wedding dress?

        To master a few tricks, their cleaning, it's not difficult to save the marriage gauze.


         First of all, when buy the wedding dress ,you can ask some questions , such as :what material is this dress, what is exquisite about attached beads and small blades? in general, the owner will tell you .


         Wash the dress, wet cleaning is the key, because of the small decorations on the wedding dress, such as beaded trimming, is can't withstand the erosion of dry cleaning chemicals, best method is to put the wedding dress in the mixed with mild, neutral cleaner water, soak for a while, it can wash off like red wine, banquet or lard leave stains, more bubble for a while, even invisible stains such as sweat, wine stains can be removed.

     After the wedding dress, rinse and dry thoroughly, can collect up, to be stored in a cool and dry place, such as closet or under the bed . Remember, don't hang up my dress, because long after, sort of sizing of wedding dress will produce the vertical force, the skirt stretch even tear.


        Generally speaking, the dress should be folded, folds clip on acid free materials, upper body and sleeves, and the lining, then stored in the big box in the acid free board.Sometimes want to have on the box gap, to keep the air circulation.Pure cotton texture dress more to pay attention to this, ventilation, too easy to destroy the cotton fiber, oxygen in the air and completely closed there is unable to make sure that it will be the place for too long mildew.So it's very important to choose the appropriate storage tool.

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