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How to pick lace fabric purchase know to teach you a comprehensive grasp of lace fabric ingredients

Xiamen Yazijin Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 08, 2016

How to pick lace purchase know to teach you a comprehensive grasp of lace fabric ingredients

Lace first appeared in the United States, by the old aristocratic favorite. It is very complicated in the traditional production process, each lace is unique, by the Europeans in the evening dress and wedding dress and other high-end luxury goods among the single to clothing accessories in the form of existence. With the development of modern technology, the design of the use of lace fabric, can be described as quite broad, almost covering the entire textile industry. In addition to clothing products, many of the textiles like to blend into the beautiful gorgeous lace elements for decoration, and for women's clothing is sweet and full of feeling. In addition lace fabric as the lace is very thin, even multi-layer design in the clothing above, it will not give people a heavy feeling, while a strong sense of thin sense of permeability, put on the body will be very comfortable and cool, and gives a visual Elegant and mysterious beauty, it is also often used to design women's personal intimate clothes.


We often see the lace fabric, usually refers to the fabric of embroidery, generally used as clothing accessories, but now there are some mainstream fabrics as its designers. Because of its uncompromising attention to the embroidery patterns, full of luxury and romantic atmosphere. If the lace fabric used in the accessories, generally in any style are suitable for use, and as a fabric is a small tail or straight body style will become more fashionable.


Lace fabric can be divided into according to their types of lace fabric and no bombs lace fabric, collectively referred to as lace fabric. The main components of the lace fabric are: spandex and nylon; (usually the proportion of 10% nylon + nylon 90%). The composition of the fabric without bombs lace: 100% nylon; this fabric can be dyed a single color. If you are using 100% polyester material; this fabric can be dyed a single color. If it is 85% cotton + 15% nylon; then this fabric can be dyed a single color; if it is 65% nylon +35 polyester. This fabric can be dyed, that is, two kinds of dyeing colors.


Suitable for lace fabric style is generally used in straight or with a small tail on the style, cover the other fabrics, can reflect the bride's exquisite body, if used as accessories, any style can be used. Generally the price of foreign lace, especially in France, the high price of domestic lace on the much cheaper, the overall price is also moderate or partial on some.