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How to store sexy lace underwear

Xiamen Yazijin Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 20, 2016

Lace underwear is a woman's most intimate dress partner, the perfect designs makes ladies more confident. Compared with the outer wear, lace underwear touches our skin directly, influences our skin directly. Thus, it requests us to store lace underwear  more carefully!

1.      the folding method of lace underwear

When fold the lace underwear, button up the bra buckle, adjust the cup shape,  put one side of the cup to fold to the other side, then put the shoulder strap into the cup. However, if your lace underwear is with a steel ring, then it will spread out underwear, cup-face-cup, put the underwear in rows. In this way, lace underwear will not be deformed because of folio!

2. select the independent storage space

Lace underwear Because of the particularity of lace underwear design shape, the storage demand is high. If you do not pay attention to store it, the cup will be very easy to deformed. Therefore, when to store lace underwear, it is better to choose a sufficient independent storage space.

Lace underwear is more "delicate", so do not be sloppy when storage!