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Introduction of Lace

Xiamen Yazijin Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 20, 2016

Lace is a common accessories for garments. Usually it is used on clothing, underwear, home textile and so on. Lace is thin, with strong sense of hierarchy. The summer underwear is widely with lace. Lace on clothing is able to bring a sweet feeling. Lace on home textile  can add an unexpected feeling, which increases a layering for home textiles.


The production process for lace is quite complex, it is not the traditional system of hook or embroidery, which knitted by silk thread or yarn according to the pattern effect. When produce lace trims, it is needed to wind up the yarn on a small shuttle. A simple design needs dozens or hundreds of such small shuttles, if the pattern is large, it needs hundreds of small shuttles. But the mechanical knitting lace machine, greatly enrich the variety and pattern of lace. Its application has expanded from clothing to various fields, such as decorative industry, accessories, home textiles and so on. In addition, the demands are increased rapidly, with richer product variety, and it promotes the development of the lace industry.


So how do we distinguish the quality when buying lace products?

1.    Apprearance. Good quality silk bedding, it is with clear lines, full printing, delicate fabric, there will be no blurred lines and rough printing. Consumers should choose lighter or natural color products, it’s not easy to fade. Rich colors products may be easily fade after overweight dyeing. In addition, there is a simple test: put a piece of white color cloth placed on the product , then rub back and forth.If we have found the white color cloth is stained, it shows that the product will fade.

2.    Smell. Generally good quality is fresh and with natural smell, odor free. If you open the package, the smell is pungent, the product maybe not qualified.xcessive At present, the mandatory standard  of PH value for textiles is generally 4.0-7.5.

3.    Touch. Good products feel comfortable, delicate, with tightness, no rough sense of loose. If want to check the cotton products, we can pick a few filaments, then fire it. If it smells like a burning paper , the product is qualified. We also can be twisted ashes manually, If there is no lump, it means that is pure cotton product. if with pimple,  it means the cotton product  includes fibers.