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Lace fabric characteristics of the advantages and disadvantages of lace fabric

Xiamen Yazijin Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 08, 2016

Lace fabric characteristics of the advantages and disadvantages of lace fabric


Lace fabric is divided into two types, one is elastic lace fabric, one is inelastic lace fabric, we collectively referred to as lace fabric, lace fabric composition is composed of several fabrics, elastic Lace fabric composition is a small amount of spandex with a large number of nylon, nylon fabric, inelastic lace fabric composition is more, there are all nylon, there are all polyester, as well as cotton and nylon blended fabrics and nylon and Polyester blended fabrics and so on.


lace fabric features

First, the lace fabric is a fabric with embroidery or embroidery fabrics, the appearance of this fabric is very beautiful and unique, and loved by many friends, now on the market in the lace fabric is generally used as clothing accessories to be used , Because the lace fabric has a unique pattern and hollow, often mosaic in other fabrics, not only for the clothes to add a lot of color style, but also to show uncompromising luxury and reflect the unique characteristics of the mysterious, and now as the main ingredient Frequency is also gradually increased, has also become a handicraft.

Second, the lace fabric can be made into a variety of styles of clothes, as the main material used often used in the small tail or straight clothing styles, covering the other fabrics to reflect the exquisite body of women, and as Accessories can be added to any style of clothing or food, play a great role in the decoration, but also to highlight a fashion beauty, lace fabric prices abroad, especially in France, used to make wedding material is the price Very expensive, but the domestic price of lace fabric on a lot cheaper.

Third, the use of lace fabric is very broad, almost covering the entire textile industry, all the textiles can be added to some of the beautiful lace elements, lace fabric is very thin, even if there are multi-layer design will not feel heavy , And the thin will give a fresh feeling of chic, and lace fabric design can not only create a sweet sense, you can also become very sexy, unique and diverse, used as curtains can be installed in the living room, bedroom, etc. To add luster, but also can be used as bedding decoration.

the advantages and disadvantages of lace fabric

Lace fabric advantages: light and transparent texture, giving an elegant and mysterious artistic experience, is widely used in women's clothing, with personal clothing is more sweet and sexy, elastic lace fabric thick and plump , With a soft feel and texture, good elasticity, light and no pressure, dimensional stability, comfortable to wear, the color style is also very diverse, can give different visual and sensory enjoyment

Lace fabric shortcomings: it is because the lace fabric is too thin, it is easier to be damaged, especially in daily life, more easily linked to the hook to the hole, lace fabric is very soft and detailed, so easy to wire, if Pilling is not easy to deal with, when cleaning, washing machine is easy to damage the lace, it is generally recommended to hand wash.