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Xiamen Yazijin Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 26, 2016

      By ordinary polyester filament woven fabric, garment with performance had good strength, smooth crisp, easy to wash the advantages of fast drying, but there are hard, soft tactility, poor luster, and poor permeability, hygroscopicity, shortcomings.If compared with silk fabric, the gap is bigger, so must first emulation silk on the silk yarn structure, in order to eliminate the poor performance of faults.

Polyester of choose and buy

       Knitted polyester fabric is a kind of chemical fiber fabrics.The choose and buy of this kind of fabric from the following several aspects.

see the longitude and latitude

Knitted polyester fabric has two kinds of warp knitted fabric and weft knitting.Although both through heat styling or resin processing, but its extensibility and other performance still have difference.Therefore, different styles of clothing performance of different fabric jacket of choose and buy should choose and buy weft knitting is advisable.

Look at the appearance
The fabric is closely related to the fabric appearance.So, when choosing knitwear, and careful observation is the basic organization or change, the space between the coil and is lax or close, feel is soft or hard;Fabric luster, color, pattern, when use both hands to pull the fabric depends on how its longitudinal or transverse flexibility and extensibility, easy to distort and so on, in short, to observe the fabric meets the basic requirements are clothing styles, fabric appearance is consistent with the clothing styles coordinate effect.

The development situation

Polyester is the world's largest output, varieties of the most widely used synthetic fiber, polyester accounted for more than 60% of world synthetic fiber production.Used for cloth, bedding, all kinds of decorative fabrics, national defense special fabric and other textile and other industrial fiber products, such as filtering materials, insulation materials, tyre cord, conveyor belt, etc.Along with growth of domestic economy and the continuous improvement of domestic residents' consumption ability, the domestic regional demand for polyester staple fibre is also growing.China polyester series products production capacity growing at an alarming rate, the rapid growth of polyester fiber production makes the development of China is gradually become the important processing base of polyester products.

With China's sustained and rapid economic growth and the continuous improvement of domestic residents' consumption ability, the demand of domestic polyester fiber is also growing.China polyester fiber production growing at an alarming rate, make China has grown to become the world's important processing base of polyester products, and become the largest country in the world polyester fiber production.

From 2001 to 2007, there is an upward trend in polyester fiber industry in China market scale, market size from $2001 in 57.362 billion, rising to $2007 in 236.414 billion, the compound annual growth rate of more than 10.00%.

Polyester fiber is the most amount of processing of all the textile fiber of fiber varieties, development of diversified varieties, improve product added value, improve enterprise economic benefit, on the whole the influence of the chemical fiber industry is essential;Product differentiation is the development direction of polyester and polyester fiber production enterprises in China is developing along the way.So the polyester industry has great potential for development.

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Add:Room 606 Huijin Huli Building, No.966 Anling Road ,Huli High-tech Zone, Xiamen 361000, China