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stretch lace trims

Xiamen Yazijin Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 29, 2016

Lingerie with Stretch Lace Trims

Stretch lace trims are widely used in lingerie. In general, the composition of stretch lace trims is 90% nylon and 10% spandex.

In the past, lingerie was made almost entirely from natural woven fabrics, for example linen, silk, and cotton. This situation  began to change around World War II, when nylon was introduced by the DuPont company 

Nylon: it is an extremely strong, elastic fiber that has been very popular in women’s lingerie for decades. It is easy to care for and wash, resists stains, and lasts a long time. 

Spandex:Also known by the DuPont brand name Lycra, spandex is a fiber with high stretch and high recovery.

Women had become accustomed to the many benefits of nylon: its stretch, easy care, comfort, durability, and stain resistance were all seen as great benefits. Lace Trims make lingerie more beautiful and sexy. Lingerie with stretch lace trims give women more choice on patterns, comfort.durability.