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The classification of the lace fabrics

Xiamen Yazijin Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 10, 2016

    There are many kinds of lace fabrics classification methods, such as according to the raw material of different can be divided into the cotton lace, lace, silk general anesthesia bud silk, chemical fiber lace, etc.;According to the different colors can be divided into the black lace, pink lace,purple lace, white lace, etc;According to the different forming process can be divided into weaving, knitting, embroidery, weaving four classes;According to the cloth edge forms can be divided into straight and wavy edge.

    (一) according to color
Colorful color world, a reflection of people of color is strong, it is the first vision of people, so the color of the lace design is a link that nots allow to ignore.In terms of color, black and pink is a typical representative of the lace fabric colour.Black lace as if contain mysterious power, plays an extreme idea, black give people is a kind of gothic sorrow taste, but is made for a carefree wonderful world, asing if is comfort in the loss of the real world.Black lace evening dress, passion more noble.Black tassel, mesh belt, mesh yarn details such as design, makes dull black in the flow more angry.Black lace heavy and complicated, adornment effect is full-bodied, with light skin more white and soft, blow play that is broken, also created a rich level on the vision effect.Figure in the black lace embroidery randomly perch on the vest type loose skirt of tall waist of cream-colored, stretches to hem the skirt, against the simple but elegant color and temperament, exquisite imitation as a work of art.Figure 5-125 (b) of cultivate one's morality drag ground black lace dresses for women lithe and graceful body appearance on the classic and elegant, collar Angle is big bowknot more show charm and elegant woman.

         Lace change past monochrome style in recent years, there was a group of colorful lace, a set of flowers by 2 ~ 4 kinds of color combination.Lace colour collocation form directly influence the overall style of the dress, it shall be carried out according to the needs of different color match, the approximate color coordinates, with contrast color design.Congener color lace color, reflect a kind of elegant and simple style, such as dark purple and purple collocation in lace is suitable for my mother.Approximate color lace color, give people the feeling of a mild coordination.Compared with the same hue, color feeling richer f changes, such as purple and blue lace suitable for evening dress collocation.Contrast the lace color, reflect a kind of bright, lively style, such as the collocation of red and green is suitable for the young.Relative color lace color matching, the effect is more strongly than contrasting colors match, color is the primary and secondary points, at the same time, through the method of towel ask color contrast more interest, such as purple and yellow collocation add green to mediate, suitable for PROM dress.

     (2) according to the forming process
General, closely woven lace texture, pattern rich stereo feeling, rich colors;Knitting lace organization poor, there is obvious hole, lightsome, elegant appearance;Unlimited embroidery lace color species, complex patterns can be made;Woven lace Ff_ = I lace mechanism, useful also woven by hand.


          (3) the edge of the cloth in different forms
Lace edge according to its different forms of divided into two categories: straight and wavy edge, and wavy edge righteousness can be divided into two categories, rules and the rules, the rules of wavy edge lace according to the size of the waves of divided into two categories, small wavy edge and big wavy edge.In the clothing design, should give full consideration to distinguish between them, such as small wavy edge is commonly used in neckline, cuffs, garments, such as coat decoration, and the big wavy edge is mainly used for hem, skirt bottoms.

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