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The origin of name” chemical lace”

Xiamen Yazijin Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 31, 2016

Chemical lace is one kind of embroidery lace, because its base fabric is a chemical nonwoven fabric, use viscose filament as embroidery thread, to embroidery on base fabric by computer embroidery machine, and then do hot water treatment to make chemical  non-woven base fabric melted, which leaving only realistic three-dimensional embroidery lace, that is the origin of chemical lace.

Usually the base fabric for chemical embroidery lace is nylon mesh, elastic spandex mesh, Lycra (swimsuit) cloth etc, use chemical paper as setoff, polyester or viscose filament as veiling, cotton yarn as bottom yarn, combined ancient embroidery art with modern advanced dyeing technology innovation together to produce a rich variety of patterns chemical embroidery lace, it is also widely used in lingerie decoration.

Because the application of machine embroidery when chemical lace embroidery production, and its variety of flowers patterns, sophisticated appearance, uniform vivid look, it is rich in artistic sense and become three-dimensional .

The biggest difference between chemical lace and common lace is hot water treatment procedure. This treatment makes chemical lace needs different knitting during produce chemical lace.

Where to choose a suitable chemical lace?

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