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How To Differentiate Between Water Soluble Embroidery Lace And Lace?

Xiamen Yazijin Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 03, 2016

People in the pursuit of fashion, a lot of people will select the dress or skirt, lace fabric, which is graceful and generous, but now chemical lace, chemical lace and lace at first glance similarities that are hollow, but the obvious difference is that the thin lace, icing on the cake is less than water soluble embroidery lace. Most people mention is lace lace reaction, especially when in the shopping mall, the girl got a chemical lace dress is full of lace dresses, there is different.

Small series and share with you today, how do you tell what is lace, what is a water soluble embroidery lace.

Water soluble embroidery: embroidery lace is a major category, it water soluble non-woven base cloth, viscose filament yarn for embroidery thread, flat embroidery embroidery at the bottom through a computer on the cloth, then by the end of hot-water treatment of water soluble non-woven cloth to dissolve, leaving the icing on the cake of lace. Embroidery lace pattern range, one delicate in appearance, uniform uniform, vivid and full of art and three-dimensional sense.

Waiting for the solution of the lace fabric

Water soluble version and normal version the biggest difference is that unlike ordinary sedan, "what you see is what" it on the machine after completion or through a "boiled" process is a process that contains water soluble version of acupuncture treatment is different from the ordinary sedan.


Generally refers to the lace knitting lace, belongs to the field of knitting a textile technology. With one or several sets of parallel yarns, for all the work to feed into the machine needle and into a circle to form fabric, this method is known as warp to form called warp knitted fabrics, knitted fabric called for the formation of WARP-KNITTING. Knitted lace through the warp knitting machines warp woven strip of lace and lace fabric.