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Purchase Information: What Are The Characteristics Of The Lace Fabric

Xiamen Yazijin Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 03, 2016

1, soft texture and soft. Fancy lace fabric composite texture is quite comfortable to the touch, but rather shoddy and inferior fabrics will give people a sense of edgy particles, is very difficult;

2 lace fabric density is relatively high, wearing it with good cold from the wind effects, even in the winter lace, also will let you live in a warm State;

3, fabric resistance to wear strong, even after repeated washing, don't wrinkle up the hairball;

4, lace fabric color better, give the feeling of a high-end atmosphere on the Visual level, fabric is gorgeous and elegant.

5, flower patterns are complex and variable. Benefited from the development of technology, today's lace fabric variety is dazzling. The ups and downs of the different spending patterns of lace fabric and the density are varied. But in the general sense of the ups and downs are not high on the distribution of surface texture, smooth. And with lighter colors on the colors.

Although wave lace in the world blew a gust of whirlwind, is fashion people's favorite successfully from the role of garment accessories turned into fabric. Lace fabric will have its five-point, however, strong permeability, easy Gou Si raveling, and so on. Many lace garment design, all have to have some limitations.