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The Distinction Between Use And Type Of Lace Fabric

Xiamen Yazijin Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 03, 2016

Uses in the following classification of lace fabric

1, Spring Autumn: nylon, cotton, polyester, and in combination with spandex fabric thickness

2, summer: in nylon or polyester thin fabric

3, winter: nylon, cotton, polyester, together with comparison of spandex thick fabrics such as

4, underwear: Kam ammonia and high-elastic fabric, is integral to the sexy underwear selection

Lace fabric is very versatile, you can cover the whole textile industry, all textiles, can be an element of some beautiful lace

Lace fabric in accordance with the composition divided into 2 types

1, a stretch lace fabric (Kam ammonia, ammonia, cotton ammonia, etc)

2, no stretch lace fabric (nylon, polyester, polyamide/cotton, polyester/cotton, cotton and so on)

Lace fabric Technology Division is divided into the following types

1, jacquard fabric

2, Raschel fabrics

3, 241 fabrics