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What Good Lace Fabric, Beautiful Ornament

Xiamen Yazijin Textile Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 03, 2016

Do you like lace? Lace is one of the most beautiful decorations, how much do you know about lace fabric? We have into the lace fabric impulse or desire?

Lace openwork fabric, is an imported product. FishNet organization, the earliest crochet hand knitting. Europeans in women's clothing in particular on evening gowns and wedding dresses in a lot. 18th century European Royal and noble man in cuffs, collar lapel and socks also heavily used.


First: the lace is thin, even a multilayered design does not feel very thick, thin reasons gives a cool feeling, but this design in favor of the pleasant feeling

Second: the lace fabric for lightweight and transparent, elegant and mysterious art, is widely applied to the woman's personal clothing.